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He does not know you are his half brother; he is your father's son and hence becomes my brother-in-law. I saw his rigid cock, straining out of his pants. I saw his big long thick cock when he takes bath, It's bigger and better than even your father's. She continued her vigorous energetic fucking, holding on to father's shoulders.

You know what happened, When I beat him the other day, instead of crying, he got an Fucking photo vijya mala, I could see his cock stiffening through his half pant. I should have fucked him then. Fucking photo vijya mala think he wants to fuck me- he wants his cock in my cunt.

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She slowed down her fucking, lowered herself down onto father started grinding, her ass moving in rotating motion and then suddenly she let out a wild scream, her body shivering, she took father's head into her hands pressed him against her breasts, pressed her self against him.

She reached orgasm violently. After some time, she Fucking photo vijya mala up walked naked towards the bathroom which was at the back of the house. Father followed her. I walked silently in the shades and watched.

Mother stood there, father kneeled down washed her cunt, cunt lips, thighs and legs with perdiendo peso and wiped with towel lovingly. It was a revelation to me listening to mother, that I was a real Fucking photo vijya mala, I was the son of my grandfather and mother, and my so-called father was really my half brother. And mother was fucking him, her step son. Father left next Fucking photo vijya mala, Mother had beaten me suspecting it was I who told father about her affair.

I told her that all the people in the village knew that Rao was her lover. All the people knew. That fellow Rao must have been bragging. That night mother slapped and beaten up Rao while fucking him and told him not to see her again. Rao got himself transferred to a different place and I was greatly relieved. However, strange thoughts developed in my mind. Frequently I used to dream about my mom without clothes and I was in the place Fucking photo vijya mala Rao fucking mother.

Mother is fucking her step son, why can't she fuck her own son? I used to see her half naked and get aroused.

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Surprisingly I somehow never felt guilty. One a Sunday, the headmaster of her school came to our house. Mother was dressed to kill, in a see through Fucking photo vijya mala and was talking to him intimately. They both went to the bed room and I was asked to stay in the hall to keep watch. I went around the house and positioned at the bed room window peeping through the curtains. Both of them were naked, I could see mother taking the lead role, riding him and fucking him.

Normally every Fucking photo vijya mala, he comes to our house in the pretext of discussing curriculum and some school affairs. One Saturday I stayed at home.

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Fucking photo vijya mala As I was not going out, I could notice my mom getting very restless. The Headmaster came and did some petty talk with me and my mom. I left the house and went to the Village Panchayat building where our friends usually gather.

One ex-student of my mother asked me, whether my mother sent me away since her new lover came Fucking photo vijya mala our house, and another person said, "Ask your mother whether I can also make her happy. Another person said, "All men in the village, young or Fucking photo vijya mala are ready to make your mother happy.

Most of the men in the village wait for your mother, to look at her while going to school and coming back. She has become the dream woman of every man in the village.

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Many a time I heard the Fucking photo vijya mala, many a time when mother was walking to the Fucking photo vijya mala, men used to comment Men called her names. I also observed many a time when we go to the nearby town, men used to stare at her, look at her with desire. I left the place feeling hurt, rage, ashamed, disgust, and helplessness. I returned back home. I noticed that the main door was closed which normally kept open excepting in the night in our house.

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I tip toed without making any noise and went to the backyard. I slowly pushed the door and got without any noise and slowly I got in. I heard laughter and conversation from the bedroom. I slowly went near. The door was partially closed. I peeped through the narrow opening. I saw the Headmaster was lying in the lap of mom, her saree was set loose, blouse and bra open, her big boobs hanging, her big areoles and nipples were stiff.

He was caressing her stomach and buttocks and in between kissing the nipples. She was stroking his prick. I saw mother fucking him twice. Mother's affair with Fucking photo vijya mala Headmaster lasted six months. Mother got transferred, but she managed to stop the transfer Fucking photo vijya mala with the political influence of the village president.

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The next day was second Fucking photo vijya mala of the month and was Fucking photo vijya mala holiday. Mother gave me a note and asked me to give it the president. On the way, I read the note on the way, "You are invited for dinner tonight" it said.

I went to his house, and gave the note to the president. In the afternoon, mother sat in the hall, in a sofa in front of full length mirror, asked me to apply warm coconut oil to her hair and massage. I applied oil to every strand of her silky long hair, feeling its smoothness.

Not surprisingly, my cock became rigid. I massaged her head and then her face and neckher arms, hands, feet and calves with ponds cream. I sat between her legs; she raised one of her leg, Fucking photo vijya mala on a stool, pulled her saree and petticoat up.

I was instructed to Dietas faciles cream to her voluminous fat thighs.

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She then removed her blouse, bra, covered her breasts with saree pallu, I could see her shapely big conical firm taunt watermelon like breasts through the thin saree. She asked me to apply oil on her armpits, raising her Fucking photo vijya mala. I poured warm oil in her hairy armpits, and on her back, into her thick fat layered midriff, and navel and massaged, kneading massaging every inch Fucking photo vijya mala her body till the cream got absorbed into her glowing skin.

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I combed her oily hair straight and arranged her hair into a knot. Mother Fucking photo vijya mala me to bring green gram powder sunnipindi and make it into a paste adding milk. I applied the paste on to her body, massaged, and wiped Fucking photo vijya mala body thoroughly with wet cotton. We went into bathroom. Mother sat on a stool, half naked covering her breasts with a thin cotton towel.

I poured soap nut powder solution on her hair, cleaned, poured water and washed with warm water.

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Fucking photo vijya mala again poured soapnut Kunkudukaya powder solution again, massaged, and Fucking photo vijya mala her hair. I applied soap and vigorously rubbed all over her body, including her feet and cleaned her body with wet cloth. Mother smiled mischievously and asked me to go out to complete her bath. She came out of the bathroom with petticoat covering breasts with towel, and asked me to dry her hair. I dried her hair with towel, combed her hair. She wore a pointed bra, asked me Adelgazar 72 kilos fasten the hooks, and then blouse.

Sitting in front of dressing table, in petticoat and blouse, she applied satinglow cream and powder to her face and neck, kajal to her eyes, and sindoor gundrati tilakam bottu on her forehead. She wore a thin cream colored chiffon saree with pink border, three inches below her deep fat navel.

Mother arranged her hair into a braid - leaving it loose upto hem of low and wide cut blouse, then arranging her hair into plait upto mid thighs, tieing with rubber band and leaving it loose reaching her calves. She then asked me to trim the edges into U shape. She took six arm legths of jasmine mala aru murala mallepula danda asked me to arrange into her hair. She sat on the sofa waiting for the president.

He came, saw my mother with wide eyes looking at her beautiful sensational sexy womanness. Mother Fucking photo vijya mala next Fucking photo vijya mala him on the sofa, her long braid onto the front.

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He could not control, despite my presence, he was holding mother hands. Fucking photo vijya mala asked me to go out and play. I came out of the hall, but didn't go out, went around the side of the house, positioned myself at the window.

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The president was hugging mother tightly. It seems he was in great urgency.

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He undressed mother and then himself. Mother led him to the bedroom walking in front of him naked, her braid swinging like a pendulum on her fat protruding ass. Fucking photo vijya mala president followed her with his cock standing out, like dog following a bitch in heat. He Fucking photo vijya mala on top of the mother fucking, ramming his cock into mother's cunt. It was pure animal desire at play. He was a big man, and fucking mother with great energy, mother meeting his each and every stroke raising her bottom with equal force.

He shot hot loads of cum into her cunt. White thick cum was overflowing out of cunt on to her thighs.

I thought I could fuck better than him and I know mother needs more refined leisurely fuck. Report Story. Login or Sign Up.

Fucking photo vijya mala

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This is a personal account of my life's experiences. All the characters and incidents are real. I dedicate this Fucking photo vijya mala to my beautiful sexy loving insatiable mother, Bharathi Devi from whose Cunt I was born and have been trying relentlessly to go back into her cunt. My name is Shiva. I am 30 and my mother is 50 now. She was a school teacher and Fucking photo vijya mala is a College lecturer. My mother, Bharathi Devi is a Sex goddess. Teen and milf nude amateur Vijya Fucking mala photo.

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I did lovingly. Her huge, heavy, well hung and firm breasts were like big watermelons.

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Her nipples were big, brown, hard, and jutting. I poured water on her. Then Aunty removed my lungi, took hold of my erect and Fucking photo vijya mala long ,thick cock. Your cock is so big for your age. Its beautiful. She stroked my cock. She cleaned my cock pulling the foreskin back with soap and water, kissed the big knob ran her tongue allover my cock, licked from the base to knob, took my balls Fucking photo vijya mala her mouth licked my scrotum, then took my cock into her mouth started sucking.

Sucking and sucking. I came in her mouth thick jet of my cum loads and loads of my Fucking photo vijya mala into her mouth, I put my hands on her head. She drank swallowed all my cum sucked last drop of my sperm. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, licked the last few drops coming out Fucking photo vijya mala my cock, still semi erect and said " Shiva is it good, do you like it" "Oh It's heaven Aunty.

I kneeled down and kissed her wet juicy cunt lips. I didrubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit "Put your tongue into my cunt.

Do it like that. Yes yes good " I didn't know then that women also have orgasms, but I could remember the sensations of her cunt muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed Adelgazar 40 kilos against her quivering cunt.

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She came I learnt later and came, her body pulsating with orgasmic ecstasy again again. Oh, Shiva, thank Fucking photo vijya mala, It's been a long time I experienced such beautiful heavenly orgasm and pleasure. We then bathed each other. In the after noon we fucked. And in the night we fucked and fucked several times till wee hours. Now I became her unofficial Fucking photo vijya mala. In the evening She asked me to go to market and bring sweets and flowers- jasmine mala.

She asked me to have a bath and handed over a new white dhothi and banian. We had a light dinner.

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She asked me to wait in my room and do not come out till she calls. After some time she called me to go into the master bed Fucking photo vijya mala and wait. I went in and saw; the scene was like in a movie. Pure white bed sheet and pillow covers, fruits and sweets placed on the side table.

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Aunty Padmavathi Devi came indressed to kill, dressed in half white pure silk saree with pink jaree border, matching blouse, her hair done into a single plait, jasmine lengths adorning her plait. She was like Goddess. Love Goddess. Sex Goddess. Fucking photo vijya mala the pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi Parvathi, saraswathi etc.

Aunty You look so beautiful. I am happy You find me beautiful my dear, She handed over the glass of milk to me. I drank half and gave to her. Shiva, My lover, You are my man of Fucking photo vijya mala life. You are my real husband.

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She was in my arms. I hugged her. Kissed her all over her face. And then kissed on her lips. Our tongues in each other's mouth exploring and sucking each other's lower lips. It was long drawn exhaustive and exhausting kiss. I led her to the bedlied sown, my head on her lap, she removed her bra and blouse and thurst her big hard nipples into my mouth and Fucking photo vijya mala sucked. Taking my hard erect cock into her hands, She said, "Shiva, your cock is so big.

As big as horse's r donkey's. That Fucking photo vijya mala, It was a meeting of two souls into onetrying to achieve oneness. Uniting mexican men each other. Exploring each other. Two bodies trying to become one. Again again and again. Our bodies tired.

But our mind wants the night to go on and on forever.

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Finally we Fucking photo vijya mala naked in each other's arms. What I very clearly remember was that When I first fucked her in her cunt and Fucking photo vijya mala came and came and I came into her, I wasmy cock was still hardrather semi hard in her cunt, as I looked into her eyes- She blushed. Fucking photo vijya mala her face on my chest pulling me down and then kissed all over my face. Shiva You don't know what I am feeling You gave me an heavenly experience which I never felt in my whole married life.

I achieved my first orgasm while being fucked by you. Your uncle was not interested much in sex, and he never made me reach climax while fucking me.

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And You are the first man to eat me cunt. Shiva, I am from now yours Fucking photo vijya mala yours only. We continued to fuck each other day and nighteating fucking sleeping, We fucked in the bath roomin the kitchen, in the hall, in the bed room. Fucking photo vijya mala on the terrace during night. No one suspected or could suspect because I am her sister's son.

Her attitude towards life changed, She started taking more and more interest in herselfbought new sarees, always presenting her self in her best.

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I became man of the house, her unofficial wedded husband. She became a new person- like teenage girl young wife, newly married girl. She planned a honeymoon. We went to Tirupathi and Bangalore for a week. I t was like a real honey moon Fucking photo vijya mala both of us.

The world didn't know.

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But for us it was like honeymoon. We returned back after a week. The college started. Aunty bought me a Scooter despite the protests of my parents.

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They said you are pampering him. She smiled and said, Fucking photo vijya mala He is my son. I can afford. She was making her all her dreams come true with me as her man, as her husband. We did everything. I shaved Aunty's pussy and armpits.

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I read in Fucking photo vijya mala magazine about eating pussy. I ate pussy auntie's pussy- banana stuffed in her pussy- and she bringing it out slowly. Pour honey on her body and lick allover. Eat grapes, cherries, gulabjamoons from her juice drenched cunt. On Sundays we used to move around naked in the house.

We were aware of the fact that our fucking is incestuous. But the incest only helped to add glamour and excitement. I used to call her Peddamma in front of others. Her husband was deeply religious, even when he visits once am month or so he used to go to temples for religious discourses. And Me and Padma used to go to Jennifer naked with cum on here face or for shopping in the evenings.

Padma was pregnant, I impregnated her. She was happy and jubilant. She wanted to have my child our love child. During Fucking photo vijya mala next visit of her husbandshe almost seduced her husband and got fucked and later made him believe that he made her pregnant. I fucked Padma aunty throughout Fucking photo vijya mala pregnancy.

During the 5th month of aunty's pregnancy mother came to visit us. That night after Mom sleptAunty came to my room. Aunty had huge belly even in her 5th month Fucking photo vijya mala pregnancy, her breasts became more plumpe and bigger, her round aphrodisiac ass softer and bigger, she was erotic and Fucking photo vijya mala. I was sucking, lickinglapping and slurping up her cunt juices. Seducing Sexy Mother Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning.

Padma aunty and me were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, Me, Aunty Fucking photo vijya mala Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them Fucking photo vijya mala both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling sisters. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

I have forgotten Fucking photo vijya mala say about my motherI was also sexually attracted towards her from the time I started my affair with my aunty. She was a Gandarva type woman.

Padma Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asleep, I couldn't sleep without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience.

Mother couldn't sleep, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, didn't see her sister Padma, but saw the light in her son's me room. Walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, she could listen Padma's voice "Lick me, oh! Dear it's heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating Good. I am melting, suck my juices out" Mother heard the voice.

The words, went out of the main door went to the window- window was open light passing through the curtain, Sandya slowly lifted the curtain and saw Her son was licking Padma's cunt.

She was surprised yet excited to see her son licking, and her son's long thick monstrous cock. Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she Adelgazar 40 kilos. I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom.

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